Everything YOU Need to Know About Spring into Action!

What is Spring into Action?

Spring into Action is a community service event for all members of the L&C community. It’s meant to strengthen the connections that students, staff, faculty, alumni, and families feel to the school, while also uniting L&C’s undergraduate, graduate, and law schools.

How did it begin?

Students on a leadership retreat came up with the idea for Spring into Action because they felt that there was a disconnect between the various parts of the L&C community. They wanted to bring L&C together while also positively connecting with the greater Portland community. One student took this concept and made it a reality. This year is the third annual Spring into Action!

When is it?

On April 21st from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

What will happen on April 21st?

All participants gather together in the morning for breakfast, then split off into service site groups and depart. After two hours of community service, everyone reunites for lunch and reflection. This time gives participants the opportunity to learn about others’ experiences and meet people outside of their volunteer group. There will be a series of activities to facilitate personal engagement and this is the perfect time to strike up a conversation with a stranger!

What are the volunteer projects?

There are 14 sites throughout Portland to choose from this year! The project options range from gardening to organizing to helping care for ferrets.

How excited are the project leaders?

The project leaders who will be at each site said they’re “violently-mosh-pit,” “riding-a-T-Rex-into-the-sunset,” and “just-got-my-Hogwarts-letter” excited for Spring into Action! I’m embarking-on-a-world-tour-on-a-dragon excited. How excited are you?

What’s happening now?

All of the sites are set, the buses were ordered, T-shirts are being printed, and everything is coming together. Our Portland community partners are thrilled to have our help. Almost 150 people have registered thus far! Our goal is to have 300 participants, and we can’t do that without you!

To learn more and register visit go.lclark.edu/spring_into_action/


Brynn House is a sophomore at Lewis & Clark, majoring in German Studies and Rhetoric and Media Studies. She is the Marketing Lead for Spring into Action and enjoys baking cinnamon rolls.

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