Josh’s Experience with the Alumni Career Corps

One of the best parts about working at 3CE (as if I could narrow it down to one) is knowing about all of the great and useful events and opportunities that the office hosts. For example, I participated in Alumni Career Corps this week, and it was great! For those of you who don’t know, Alumni Career Corps is an initiative to bring LC alums to campus to help students start thinking about life after college. These alums can go over resumes, give information, or even do mock job interviews.I met with Jessica Stern who graduated LC with a degree in French and Music. She now works at Business for Culture and the Arts. I was really excited to meet with her because I recently started seriously considering Arts Administration as a career path for me after college. I still don’t know too much about the field, so it was really great to talk with someone who is a big mover and shaker in that field right now.

She was so helpful, too. She had really great answers to all of my questions, and even got me thinking about possible paths within arts administration that I hadn’t even known existed or considered. The meetings are normally thirty minutes, but I got there early and the appointment before me was a no show, so I got to meet with her for an hour. I think we probably could have talked for even longer than that.

And now, I not only know a lot more about the field that I’m interested in, but I have a contact and a starting point for breaking into that field. I think this experience was invaluable, and I wouldn’t have been able to do it had I not known about Alumni Career Corps. You should check it out!


Josh Francis is a senior English and Hispanic Studies major and a Community Engagement Coordinator here in 3CE.


Resume Series #1: Bra Shopping

Resume Series #1: Bra Shopping

by Jacqui Adams

Writing a good resume is like picking out a good bra.

Bear with me, here. There are eerie parallels.

You’re in the lingerie section. It’s awkward. It’s cluttered. There’s a dude over there who looks even more lost than you. Where do you begin?

It’s a forest of choices. Some of them don’t seem to say the right thing. Others look like they’d be a bit of a stretch. All of them are tough to imagine yourself in

You gather together one, then another, draping them over your elbows by the hangers until you’re festooned, piñata-like, with bra after bra after bra. Soon, you have an armload.

You head to the dressing room, trying to feel optimistic. To find the perfect fit takes patience, persistence, and a little bit of chutzpah. You’ve got to be wise. You’ve got to be brave. You’ve got to be bold. You’ve got to think outside the box.

To find the perfect fit, you’ve got to bare all.

When you stare at the vague, cluttered lingerie section of your life and know that you have to find the experiences that will go on your resume and ultimately make or break your job search, you may become intimidated.

Don’t worry. Remember, the best place to start is anywhere.

Just pick something up. Anything. Worked as a camp counselor once? Great. Write it down—bring it to the dressing room. Helped your dad clean his office every weekend? Fantastic. Another one over the elbow—jot that baby down, too.

Did some volunteer work? Played sports? Joined a club? Walked the neighbor’s dog? Organized Grandma’s magazines? Amazing! All of these things and more are fodder for your master list—the big list of activities and doings that you deepen, extend and refine until that list becomes—drumroll, please—Your Resume.

You’ll start out with a huge pile and slowly narrow down your choices. What you want to end up with ultimately is a showcase of your responsibilities and skills—in other words, the tasks that people have entrusted you with, and how you handled those tasks.

No resume springs fully formed from its owner’s skull, ready to tackle the world and snag a nifty calling. What you start with is a big, messy pile of everything you’ve ever, ever done. Ever.

Write it down. Jobs, internships, community service, awards, lab classes, regular classes, workshops, clubs, intensives, hobbies, you name it. Pick those bras off the rack and heap them in a pile. Write it all down in a list. Spare nothing. Spill all. Get naked.

They call it the shotgun method. I call it bra shopping. Call it what you like—it’s the first step to writing a really killer resume.

And you’ve got what it takes.


Jacqui Adams is a Peer Advisor in the Center for Career and Community Engagement. Need resume help? Want to write a killer cover letter? Jacqui is here for you! She’s available for consultations on Monday from 3-5pm and Wednesday from 3-7pm. Stop by 3CE to sign up.

Operation Nightwatch

Now that November is upon us and Thanks Giving is only a few weeks away, it has dawned on me that the semester will shortly come to a close. Looks like it’s time for some end of the semester REFLECTION…

3CE has seen a great group of volunteers come through Albany this semester!

Our volunteers at down at Operation Nightwatch’s hospitality center are doing great! The hospitality center has been packed full of volunteers and clients throughout the semester. At the beginning of the semester volunteers were slightly harder to come by, and Gary Davis really showed his gratitude for LC volunteers giving us a round of 3 cheers (link). I would like to take the time to thank everyone who has made it down to the hospitality center.

Today I briefly spoke to Juliana DePietro, a LC volunteer that goes down to ONW every Thursday. Juliana had some great things to say about her experience volunteering down at the hospitality center. Despite her busy schedule she said she would never give up her Thursday night shift at ONW. It’s a great time for her to escape from the LC bubble and see a different part of Portland. She said it is an invaluable experience to get to know people from different backgrounds and in different situations. In her time playing scrabble, checkers and chess she’s gotten to know some of ONWs patrons and witnessed their optimism and compassion.

It’s not too late to get involved yourself! ONW still has some open volunteer slots coming before the end of the semester. Check out our volunteer page (link) for more information. Although there no time like the present to get involved, I encourage you all to make volunteering a part of your new years resolution and come into 3CE to see the ways you can get involved.