Environment Oregon

Environment Oregon, a subgroup of Environment America, visited campus today to present their 2010-2012 Fellowship Program.  The program is currently looking for motivated college seniors with leadership, public speaking, and writing skills with a general passion for preserving and improving the environment.

Alex Silva, the presenter, serves as a Preservation Associate and is currently focused on passing the Clean Water Restoration Act.  Ms. Silva described her experiences organizing press conferences, canvassing, writing an op-ed for the Oregonian, and meeting with numerous Oregon Mayors.  With two weeks of organizational training at the beginning of her internship, Ms. Silva gained the resources and knowledge necessary to organize a true grassroots campaign.

As an independent organization, Environment Oregon doesn’t accept donations from large corporations. As a result, fellows receive a livable wage ($23,750 for the first year and $24,100 for the second year) and decent benefits including health insurance and paid vacations.

If you are interested in the Environment Oregon program, you can contact:

Alex Silva

(503)231-1986 ext 324


Or you can visit www.EnvironmentOregon.org for more information.

Written By: Halah Ilias

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