Careers For Pioneers 2009

This years Careers For Pioneers had a fantastic turn-out with over 40 alumni and over 100 hundred students. Students started out by having brunch at a table with 10 other students and at least one other student.

Students got to talk with alumni at their tables for 20 minutes and then they would rotate to a different table.  I believe this system was devised to ensure that all students would get the greatest amount of face time with different alums, but at a school full of interesting and engaged students this became very difficult.  At most tables we barely got further then the “Let’s go around say our names and a little about your interests” question. Learning about the various stories and experiences of life at LC and after were wonderful to hear. This event helped show that students don’t have to go the stereotypical route of undergraduate to graduate school. The take home message of the day was find your passion, work hard, and doors will open for you.  Sometimes students can get caught up in the idea of shaping their interests to fit into a certain career, but you shouldn’t have to settle and, in fact, if you are energetic and passionate  positions will change to fit your needs. Now, I find this message to be glossing over the difficulties associated with job searching, but all in all it’s empowering to see that there is a network of alumni willing and able to help current LC students reach their full potential.

I think this year the shear attendance by students spoke volumes.  It is obvious that students would like to connect with alumni, here about their experiences, and develop contacts.  This year was the largest event of it’s nature in LCs history, I believe.  I think it can be said that this year was a huge learning experience for planners of Careers for Pioneers and we all can look forward to next years event.

Ian Feis ’12


Environment Oregon

Environment Oregon, a subgroup of Environment America, visited campus today to present their 2010-2012 Fellowship Program.  The program is currently looking for motivated college seniors with leadership, public speaking, and writing skills with a general passion for preserving and improving the environment.

Alex Silva, the presenter, serves as a Preservation Associate and is currently focused on passing the Clean Water Restoration Act.  Ms. Silva described her experiences organizing press conferences, canvassing, writing an op-ed for the Oregonian, and meeting with numerous Oregon Mayors.  With two weeks of organizational training at the beginning of her internship, Ms. Silva gained the resources and knowledge necessary to organize a true grassroots campaign.

As an independent organization, Environment Oregon doesn’t accept donations from large corporations. As a result, fellows receive a livable wage ($23,750 for the first year and $24,100 for the second year) and decent benefits including health insurance and paid vacations.

If you are interested in the Environment Oregon program, you can contact:

Alex Silva

(503)231-1986 ext 324

Or you can visit for more information.

Written By: Halah Ilias