Second day in Bend

October 9, 2009

Today was the second day of fixing up the house. After we arrived, we each did different tasks. Some of us built the deck and others painted the trim and exterior of the house. The wood planks were laid down on the deck and varnished, thanks to the teamwork of Claire, Abby, and Alison. Painting was a team effort as well. While some painted large sections with the roller, others came through with a paintbrush to do touch-up work. Sara spent a second day on the roof painting, and got a lot done up there. We were able to paint much of the house, and it was exciting to see the major changes taking place.
         After working, we went on a short hike up Pilot Butte. We could see parts of Bend on our way up, and when we reached the top, we had a 360° view of Bend and the mountains in the distance. Following our hike, we drove directly to a Turkish bath. The warm water was so relaxing after our full day! Afterwards we went out to dinner at Pizza Mondo and had a delicious dinner of pizza and salad. We spent some time downtown before heading back to the church. 
—Joshua Kaplan and Dana Levin

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