Third day in Bend

October 10, 2009
        Today was our third and final day at the work site. The entire day was spent painting the entire house. Some people spent time painting the sides, while others painted trim and did touch ups. Today was especially cold and Marianne, the owner of the house, kindly made us hot chocolate to keep us warm. We could not keep the paint off of us. We each had paint in different places, whether it was on our faces or in our hair. Chris laughed at us, because he didn’t have any paint on him and we were all covered. We were all in good spirits as we worked and often found ourselves hysterically laughing at each other. We enjoyed the
work and seeing the progress motivated us to complete our tasks. Although the workday ended at 3pm, we decided collectively to stay until 5:30 pm. Chris really appreciated our extra work, considering he would have had to complete painting the house himself. Due to a lack of volunteers, our trip was greatly appreciated. At the end of the workday we took group pictures with Marianne and Chris. It was hard to say goodbye to our new friends, and they both said they hoped to see LC students again next Fall Break.
        We spent a good amount of time showering because most of us had gotten paint in our hair. It was nice to relax in the showers and defrost. We also all realized how dry and rough our hands had become from working. When we got back to the church we all made dinner together. We made pasta, salad and garlic bread and talked about the day as we ate together. We were all extremely tired but we were going to try to stay up past 10pm and get through an entire movie. We are sadly heading back to LC tomorrow but we wish we could stay and work longer.
–Sara Jeffries and Alison Dubchansky


Second day in Bend

October 9, 2009

Today was the second day of fixing up the house. After we arrived, we each did different tasks. Some of us built the deck and others painted the trim and exterior of the house. The wood planks were laid down on the deck and varnished, thanks to the teamwork of Claire, Abby, and Alison. Painting was a team effort as well. While some painted large sections with the roller, others came through with a paintbrush to do touch-up work. Sara spent a second day on the roof painting, and got a lot done up there. We were able to paint much of the house, and it was exciting to see the major changes taking place.
         After working, we went on a short hike up Pilot Butte. We could see parts of Bend on our way up, and when we reached the top, we had a 360° view of Bend and the mountains in the distance. Following our hike, we drove directly to a Turkish bath. The warm water was so relaxing after our full day! Afterwards we went out to dinner at Pizza Mondo and had a delicious dinner of pizza and salad. We spent some time downtown before heading back to the church. 
—Joshua Kaplan and Dana Levin

First day in Bend

October 8, 2009

We arrived yesterday evening after an uneventful car ride and a questionable dinner at Taco Time. The church was very hospitable. We slept on various couches, some of them in the kindergarten classroom. This morning we were startled by a woman who arrived at 6 am to set up the classroom (we were not too happy about this). After a good breakfast of bagels at the Habitat main office and a brief training, we headed out to the job site.  The project we are working on is “A brush with kindness.” We were working on an old habitat house in need of upkeep. The owner was an older foster mom who had seven kids ranging in age. Several of her children were mentally disabled. She had a beautiful home and garden with lots of birdfeeders and birdhouses. Some people painted and
scraped, some caulked, and we worked on demolishing a rotting porch. Our site manager’s name was Chris and he was incredibly nice and helpful. The weather was beautiful! After working all day, we had ice cream treat and enjoyed showers and the hot tub at the health club. For dinner we had Mediterranean food and enjoyed exploring downtown Bend! Now off to watch a movie and then to bed!
—Abby Vining and Claire Beatus