The Last Day of Our Trip

On the last day of our trip, some of us woke up early in the morning to run like Navajo people do every morning to greet the sunrise. It is believed in Navajo tradition that running everyday to see the sunrise help them to be more youthful and have a longer life as one of the native Navajo kids told me. Even though the hill where we ran up to spot the dawn was only about six blocks away from our shelter, because of the frigid morning wind and high altitude, our hands were numb and we were running out of the breath. However, as soon as the segment of the sun appeared from the peak of the mountain, our fingers started to regain their sensation and our bodies warmed up. Surprisingly, the sunshine was not bright at all. We straightly gazed and explicitly saw the spherical shape of the sun. Since we were all fascinated by the sunrise, we were totally unaware of how long we stood there.

Then we all visited the Flea Market that is held on every Saturday from eight o’clock in the morning. The place was enlivened by various retailers such as sculptors, potters, and jewelers and the fragrance of traditional food at a reasonable price. All the retailers were from diverse districts that I encountered with a Navajo potter right next to the Zuni jeweler. I was surprised that all the retailers were not aggressive as most other sellers at a Flea Market are, but rather they were very extroverted to passers who came across. This was the reason why I did not have a hard time taking a glance at the products they were selling and leave the stall without purchasing. I learned that in New Mexico, some people are extremely generous and outgoing so that their priority is to care about each other and their social lives.



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